Did you know your cat spends about 15 hours a day sleeping? That’s a whole lot of sleeping done so you’re going to want to make sure that you get the right bed for your cat.

Which Cat Bed Suits Your Cat’s Personality?

There are a lot of cat beds out there (available in all sorts of shapes and sizes) so you’re going to have to make the effort and sift through all your options until you find the best one for your cat. Don’t worry though because you don’t have to be overwhelmed. Here are some tips to help you along:

  • There really isn’t a right or wrong cat bed per se. Rather, there are right and wrong beds for your cat because the right one is based on the sleeping personality and preference of your cat. For example, if you find that your cat has as a habit of curling up into a ball whenever he sleeps, then you might want to consider circular cat beds because these cat beds create a feeling of security as they enclose your cat. And then there’s the cat beds with half shell tops that will delight the cat that loves hiding. Some cats love to stretch out, so obviously a bigger bed would be good for them. Take all these things into consideration when choosing which bed is right for your particular cat. There honestly is such a great selection of beds out there that you will have no problem finding the best one for your kitty.


  • Aside from your cat’s personality and sleeping preference, you can also choose a cat bed based on practicality. For instance, if you live in the colder regions, then a heated cat bed will be best for you and your cat.


  • Because a cat bed is still an expense, no matter how much you love your cat, you’re going to have to factor in the costs of getting one, most especially if you have a budget you need to work with. This shouldn’t be too difficult though because a heated cat bed and other cat beds are available in various price points to meet whatever budget you might have. I’ve also found that shopping online can sometimes save you quite a bit as opposed to pet stores. However, if you watch your  local stores, they sometimes have some great sales, so shop around and you should find a good price that will fit your budget.



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