In addition to the electric heated act beds, that plug in and have heating elements, there are also heated cat beds that are not electric. These self warming beds have a core of material in them that reflects your cats own body back to them. I have both kinds of beds and have found that some of my cats prefer the electric cat beds and some prefer the self warming kind. We all know cats are very particular and fussy, so we have to cater to their likes and dislikes! There are many reasons why some owners prefer the self warming as opposed to the electric beds as well.

Savings on electricity!

With everyone trying to save money these days, some of us are trying to lower our electric bill. While electric heated cat beds don’t use that much electricity, it is something to consider. To be honest, when I started using the electric beds, I didn’t notice any huge increase in my electric bill (and I have more than one) but if you are worried about the extra power usage, than the self warming bed would be more ideal.


I never leave the electric beds on when I’m not home. I just feel safer turning them off, although I’ve personally never heard of one of them catching fire. But, like any worried mom, I don’t want to take the chance. The self warming cat beds are obviously safer in this regard. You also don’t have to bother running around turning them off when you’re trying to get out the door! I’ve also noticed that my cats know when I’m turning them off and give me a dirty look. They know the heat is going to disappear soon!  With the self warming beds they will stay warm and cozy.


Most of the electric cat beds can’t be thrown in the washer. You can only clean them by wiping them down and letting them dry before plugging them back in. One tip I’ve learned over the years is to put a baby blanket in them so if they do get messy, you can just throw the blanket in the washer. It will help protect the bed from getting dirty in general. The nice thing about the self warming beds is that  they are washable. There are self warming pads that are very easy to wash and smaller beds too

Adapt any bed you have

The really great thing is that the self warming pads can be placed inside of your regular cat beds. They come in many sizes and can turn your non-heated beds into heated beds simply and quickly. Your cat can be warm and snuggly in the winter and you can then remove it for the summer months when they don’t need the extra heat. I have to add that with the air conditioner on all summer, my cats still love their heated beds. Cats just love warmth!  Just put a self warming pad in and you instantly have a heated cat bed.

So many to choose from!

The great thing about today’s cat products is they come in so many styles, sizes and colors. Beds range from small to very large and come in all sorts of styles. I like the ones with the half hood over them, for instance, because my cats like the extra feeling of security the hood provides. The larger beds are great if you have a cat that loves to stretch out while they sleep or if you have more than one cat. My brother has a cat that is quite large but loves to squeeze into small beds!  With the many colors and patterns available, it’s so easy to find one that fits into the decor of your house. No more hideous colors that clash with the rest of your furniture and color scheme. You will find the perfect bed for both you and your cat, so you’ll both be happy!


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