You have your cat a bed now, so it’s time to check out some other fun stuff to keep him occupied. There are so many really great toys, scratching posts, crinkle sacks and just a whole array of unique things out there! There is nothing, in my opinion,  more fun than watching your cat play. Or if you have several cats, it can really be a blast.

I always check the toys I buy for safety. Make sure there is nothing that can come undone easily and be swallowed, like bells. Most of them seem to be made with this in mind, so it’s usually not a problem. As for catnip, you have to experiment with that. Some cats get very mellow on it and some kind of get aggressive. So buying a small bag and testing it is a good idea. The crinkle sacks seem to fascinate them and the tunnels are a great way for two cats to play hide and seek.

I just wanted to add some great products I’ve found that my cats love. Check out any of them below by clicking on picture!