Cats need to play and cat trees and condos are one of the best ways for them to do that.  There is nothing better than giving your cat his own playground. We all know that cats are very territorial and having their own furniture fulfills that need for something that is just for them.

The best thing about cat furniture is it not only provides fun and playtime (both for you and your cat…you’ll get hours of enjoyment watching them) but it keeps them healthy too. It is a great way to keep them trim and also limber. All that jumping, stretching and climbing keeps their bodies in tip top shape.

Most cat furniture has scratching posts built in so it also helps cut down on the wear and tear on your own furniture. Scratching posts are generally covered in sisal now, as opposed to carpet, and they love it. They will want to scratch that instead of the couch.

There is nothing better to a cat than being high up and looking down at the world. A tall cat tree provides many levels from which they can observe what’s going on. Most of the trees also have cubicles they can hide in or take a cozy nap.

I suggest getting a large one with many levels, especially if you have more than one cat. Even if you have a kitten, remember, it will grow up and need more room. They come in all sizes, so if you have limited space, you can get smaller ones.

Another advantage to cat furniture is that it can help cats that don’t get along too well become friends. I’ve seen this with my own cats. They get to playing on it and soon they are getting along a lot better.

Cats are leery, so they may not immediately play on their tree the first few days you have it. Be patient…after they explore it and check it out cautiously, they will eventually be romping on it. You might also sprinkle a little catnip on it to entice them.

I think it’s important for cats to have their own special place to go to when they want to nap or get away from everyone. Cat trees provide them with their own space. They will greatly appreciate this!