Doll Beds

My cat forum friend, Pat, is very creative and has made the cutest beds for her cats from doll beds she found at yard sales. She painted them, decorated them with little toy mice and stenciled Kitty Kot on one of them. She has another one that is a bunk doll bed, so both of her cats have their own level. She made “mattresses” out of foam covered with fleece material that she found in a cat pattern. They are adorable and prove that, with some imagination, you can turn many items into a great bed for your cat.

Not only can you use items you may already have, but you can save some money too. Yard sales and flea markets are great places to find such items. Putting your own special touches on it makes it even more special, I think. So keep an eye out for doll beds that will make a great bed for your own doll…your cat!

Here are a couple of great doll beds from Amazon!

Click on image for details!

Wicker Baskets

Cats have long used wicker baskets to sleep in. The only problem I’ve found is they also like to chew and scratch on them. However, I found that I could solve that problem by covering it up. I have a large, flat wicker tray that has a tall handle on it. It has about a two inch lip around it and is the perfect size for them to sleep in. I took some pretty ribbon and wound it around the handle, so now they don’t try to chew on it. I put a self-heating pad (check out my Self Warming Cat Beds page) into the basket that keeps it covered well.

They love this bed and can now use it without chewing it to pieces!  Also, the pad gives them plenty of soft protection from the wicker and can be tossed in the washing machine. I have so many wicker baskets that are just sitting around gathering dust. I plan to turn some more into kitty beds to scatter throughout the house!

Cardboard Boxes

There is something about cardboard boxes that fascinates cats. My mom has some of those heavy duty decorated storage boxes you see in stores. She put an empty one on the floor and left the lid off. One of our cats jumped in and decided that was her new bed. Eventually we put a pad in there and that was her favorite spot. Whenever I get something that comes in a heavy gauge cardboard box, I make a bed. I cover it with self sticking drawer lining paper to make it look nice. I sometimes remove the top and sometimes leave it on, taped shut, with an opening in the side. Add a cozy pad of some sort and you have an instant cat bed and  one they will love!

As you can see, there are many things that can make a good cat bed. Just use your imagination and get creative!

The final suggestion is large stuffed animals! This is my cat Mia on her favorite bed!


Mia and ladybug