Your cats get cold just like we do and a heated cat bed is the perfect answer for this. It's their form of an electric blanket or heating pad, and we all know how comforting and cozy those are! The obvious time for a heated cat bed is the fall and winter, but I have found that even in the summer they enjoy their heated beds. With an air conditioner blasting away, they get cold and head for their warm spot. Cats love heat and this can be affirmed by the way they like to sit in the window with the sun shining on them. Some even like to lay under lamps to soak up the heat from the bulb. A heated cat bed is truly a special treat for them.

The other important thing about heated cat beds is how therapeutic they are. Cats who have arthritis, or are just getting a little stiffer as they age, greatly benefit from heated beds. The warmth is a great relief for those aching joints. If you have a cat that is recovering from surgery, the heated bed is great too. I know at the clinic I take my cats to they use heating pads after surgery. I find they help my cats that are older, but the younger ones like them just as well. Who doesn't benefit from a nice warm spot to snooze? 

There are so many styles and types of heated cat beds, your only problem will be deciding on which one to get. Since I have many cats, I bought  several different styles to see which ones my cats liked best. What I found was they liked all of them. I can honestly say that I have not found anything wrong with any of them. I would suggest buying a good quality though, because we are dealing with heat and you don't want a really cheap version. For safety sake, plan on getting a good one, but that doesn't mean it has to be a really high priced one. There are many versions that are very reasonably priced. Just steer clear of anything way too cheap.

Get your kitties some heated cat beds and they will be in heaven! For your older cats, it will help keep them more limber and soothe any aches or pains from arthritis. Your younger cats will just enjoy the warmth and comfort. They are really a treat for them, but also very therapeutic.

The beds below I have personally bought and used. I would recommend any one of them! Click on image to check out all the details!