BRRRRRRR… it’s been a cold winter! For anyone with cats that must stay outside, these are wonderful! I have my feral cats outside in screen enclosed porches and while I have beds for them, they aren’t heated. I will definitely be getting some of these. Check them out by clicking on the picture!

I wanted to add this section of some unique beds I have found. It’s amazing how much design has gone into cat beds and cat furniture as a whole these days! These are very different and would certainly add to your house.

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Doll Beds

My cat forum friend, Pat, is very creative and has made the cutest beds for her cats from doll beds she found at yard sales. She painted them, decorated them with little toy mice and stenciled Kitty Kot on one of them. She has another one that is a bunk doll bed, so both of her cats have their own level. She made “mattresses” out of foam covered with fleece material that she found in a cat pattern. They are adorable and prove that, with some imagination, you can turn many items into a great bed for your cat.

Not only can you use items you may already have, but you can save some money too. Yard sales and flea markets are great places to find such items. Putting your own special touches on it makes it even more special, I think. So keep an eye out for doll beds that will make a great bed for your own doll…your cat!

Here are a couple of great doll beds from Amazon!

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Wicker Baskets

Cats have long used wicker baskets to sleep in. The only problem I’ve found is they also like to chew and scratch on them. However, I found that I could solve that problem by covering it up. I have a large, flat wicker tray that has a tall handle on it. It has about a two inch lip around it and is the perfect size for them to sleep in. I took some pretty ribbon and wound it around the handle, so now they don’t try to chew on it. I put a self-heating pad (check out my Self Warming Cat Beds page) into the basket that keeps it covered well.

They love this bed and can now use it without chewing it to pieces!  Also, the pad gives them plenty of soft protection from the wicker and can be tossed in the washing machine. I have so many wicker baskets that are just sitting around gathering dust. I plan to turn some more into kitty beds to scatter throughout the house!

Cardboard Boxes

There is something about cardboard boxes that fascinates cats. My mom has some of those heavy duty decorated storage boxes you see in stores. She put an empty one on the floor and left the lid off. One of our cats jumped in and decided that was her new bed. Eventually we put a pad in there and that was her favorite spot. Whenever I get something that comes in a heavy gauge cardboard box, I make a bed. I cover it with self sticking drawer lining paper to make it look nice. I sometimes remove the top and sometimes leave it on, taped shut, with an opening in the side. Add a cozy pad of some sort and you have an instant cat bed and  one they will love!

As you can see, there are many things that can make a good cat bed. Just use your imagination and get creative!

The final suggestion is large stuffed animals! This is my cat Mia on her favorite bed!


Mia and ladybug

In addition to the electric heated act beds, that plug in and have heating elements, there are also heated cat beds that are not electric. These self warming beds have a core of material in them that reflects your cats own body back to them. I have both kinds of beds and have found that some of my cats prefer the electric cat beds and some prefer the self warming kind. We all know cats are very particular and fussy, so we have to cater to their likes and dislikes! There are many reasons why some owners prefer the self warming as opposed to the electric beds as well.

Savings on electricity!

With everyone trying to save money these days, some of us are trying to lower our electric bill. While electric heated cat beds don’t use that much electricity, it is something to consider. To be honest, when I started using the electric beds, I didn’t notice any huge increase in my electric bill (and I have more than one) but if you are worried about the extra power usage, than the self warming bed would be more ideal.


I never leave the electric beds on when I’m not home. I just feel safer turning them off, although I’ve personally never heard of one of them catching fire. But, like any worried mom, I don’t want to take the chance. The self warming cat beds are obviously safer in this regard. You also don’t have to bother running around turning them off when you’re trying to get out the door! I’ve also noticed that my cats know when I’m turning them off and give me a dirty look. They know the heat is going to disappear soon!  With the self warming beds they will stay warm and cozy.


Most of the electric cat beds can’t be thrown in the washer. You can only clean them by wiping them down and letting them dry before plugging them back in. One tip I’ve learned over the years is to put a baby blanket in them so if they do get messy, you can just throw the blanket in the washer. It will help protect the bed from getting dirty in general. The nice thing about the self warming beds is that  they are washable. There are self warming pads that are very easy to wash and smaller beds too

Adapt any bed you have

The really great thing is that the self warming pads can be placed inside of your regular cat beds. They come in many sizes and can turn your non-heated beds into heated beds simply and quickly. Your cat can be warm and snuggly in the winter and you can then remove it for the summer months when they don’t need the extra heat. I have to add that with the air conditioner on all summer, my cats still love their heated beds. Cats just love warmth!  Just put a self warming pad in and you instantly have a heated cat bed.

So many to choose from!

The great thing about today’s cat products is they come in so many styles, sizes and colors. Beds range from small to very large and come in all sorts of styles. I like the ones with the half hood over them, for instance, because my cats like the extra feeling of security the hood provides. The larger beds are great if you have a cat that loves to stretch out while they sleep or if you have more than one cat. My brother has a cat that is quite large but loves to squeeze into small beds!  With the many colors and patterns available, it’s so easy to find one that fits into the decor of your house. No more hideous colors that clash with the rest of your furniture and color scheme. You will find the perfect bed for both you and your cat, so you’ll both be happy!


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Your cats get cold just like we do and a heated cat bed is the perfect answer for this. It's their form of an electric blanket or heating pad, and we all know how comforting and cozy those are! The obvious time for a heated cat bed is the fall and winter, but I have found that even in the summer they enjoy their heated beds. With an air conditioner blasting away, they get cold and head for their warm spot. Cats love heat and this can be affirmed by the way they like to sit in the window with the sun shining on them. Some even like to lay under lamps to soak up the heat from the bulb. A heated cat bed is truly a special treat for them.

The other important thing about heated cat beds is how therapeutic they are. Cats who have arthritis, or are just getting a little stiffer as they age, greatly benefit from heated beds. The warmth is a great relief for those aching joints. If you have a cat that is recovering from surgery, the heated bed is great too. I know at the clinic I take my cats to they use heating pads after surgery. I find they help my cats that are older, but the younger ones like them just as well. Who doesn't benefit from a nice warm spot to snooze? 

There are so many styles and types of heated cat beds, your only problem will be deciding on which one to get. Since I have many cats, I bought  several different styles to see which ones my cats liked best. What I found was they liked all of them. I can honestly say that I have not found anything wrong with any of them. I would suggest buying a good quality though, because we are dealing with heat and you don't want a really cheap version. For safety sake, plan on getting a good one, but that doesn't mean it has to be a really high priced one. There are many versions that are very reasonably priced. Just steer clear of anything way too cheap.

Get your kitties some heated cat beds and they will be in heaven! For your older cats, it will help keep them more limber and soothe any aches or pains from arthritis. Your younger cats will just enjoy the warmth and comfort. They are really a treat for them, but also very therapeutic.

The beds below I have personally bought and used. I would recommend any one of them! Click on image to check out all the details!

We all need a carrier or crate to take our cats to the vet. I’ve known people who just carry them in and this is not a good idea. You may have done this a thousand times with no problem, but the day will come when something goes wrong and your cat will fly out of your arms. Something scares them and off they go. So they are much safer in a carrier. I also drape a large towel across the entire carrier and it makes them feel safer and keeps them warm.

To be honest, most carriers are basically the same. The main thing to look for is sturdy construction and one that isn’t going to come apart. Make sure the locking devices are strong and that it isn’t too flimsy. This is one place you might need to spend a little more to get a good, safe one. The ones that have a top loader are handy in some ways, but not so much in others. I couldn’t wait to get one, thinking it would be easier to put them in the top. Well, not so much! They can really block your progress by pushing their legs against the opening. It is handy if you have to “dump” a cat out of the carrier. This sounds cruel, but honestly isn’t. By “dumping” I just mean gently turning the carrier over and getting them to come out by gently shaking. With some cats, this is necessary.

Whichever one you choose, I have personally found the easiest way to get them in (unless you’re lucky enough to have a cat who loves his crate) is to prop the carrier against the wall (this is for front opening crates) and open the door. Get a hold of your cat and quickly put him in the carrier,  back legs first. Gently lower them in to the other end and close the door fast. Then you can very slowly lower the carrier to it’s proper position. One last word of caution: please never use the cardboard ones. The bottoms of those are notorious for coming open and dumping your cat out!

There are ones made of material now that remind me of a small carry on bag. I have to admit I have never used one and I’ll tell you why. They seem too confining to me and cats hate feeling trapped. I also just don’t trust material for strength against nails like I do hard plastic. They also wouldn’t give a firm support on the bottom like the plastic ones, making me feel the cat wouldn’t feel as stable. However, having said all that, I have added a couple here because I may be way off. I may even try one someday and I’m sure there are some cats that just love them. Whichever cat carrier you get, safety is the first priority in my opinion. You don’t want to lose your precious cargo.

All of the carriers below are made of heavy duty plastic and have various features that make them unique, from rubber grip handles, slots to attach a car seat belt to for safer travel, storage spaces, and other features. Click on picture to find out what unique features each one has so you can decide which one is best for you and your kitty.



Here are some of the carriers made from material as opposed to plastic. Click on picture to check them out!


I’ve also added one cage to the group because these are great if you have to bring home a sick kitty and keep it confined, or away from your other cats. I like this one because it is attractive, has three doors with pin lock latches, and casters that stay stable, but can also make it easy to move the unit. Click on the picture to get more details!

Did you know your cat spends about 15 hours a day sleeping? That’s a whole lot of sleeping done so you’re going to want to make sure that you get the right bed for your cat.

Which Cat Bed Suits Your Cat’s Personality?

There are a lot of cat beds out there (available in all sorts of shapes and sizes) so you’re going to have to make the effort and sift through all your options until you find the best one for your cat. Don’t worry though because you don’t have to be overwhelmed. Here are some tips to help you along:

  • There really isn’t a right or wrong cat bed per se. Rather, there are right and wrong beds for your cat because the right one is based on the sleeping personality and preference of your cat. For example, if you find that your cat has as a habit of curling up into a ball whenever he sleeps, then you might want to consider circular cat beds because these cat beds create a feeling of security as they enclose your cat. And then there’s the cat beds with half shell tops that will delight the cat that loves hiding. Some cats love to stretch out, so obviously a bigger bed would be good for them. Take all these things into consideration when choosing which bed is right for your particular cat. There honestly is such a great selection of beds out there that you will have no problem finding the best one for your kitty.


  • Aside from your cat’s personality and sleeping preference, you can also choose a cat bed based on practicality. For instance, if you live in the colder regions, then a heated cat bed will be best for you and your cat.


  • Because a cat bed is still an expense, no matter how much you love your cat, you’re going to have to factor in the costs of getting one, most especially if you have a budget you need to work with. This shouldn’t be too difficult though because a heated cat bed and other cat beds are available in various price points to meet whatever budget you might have. I’ve also found that shopping online can sometimes save you quite a bit as opposed to pet stores. However, if you watch your  local stores, they sometimes have some great sales, so shop around and you should find a good price that will fit your budget.



            Click on pictures below to check out these great beds.

    You have your cat a bed now, so it’s time to check out some other fun stuff to keep him occupied. There are so many really great toys, scratching posts, crinkle sacks and just a whole array of unique things out there! There is nothing, in my opinion,  more fun than watching your cat play. Or if you have several cats, it can really be a blast.

    I always check the toys I buy for safety. Make sure there is nothing that can come undone easily and be swallowed, like bells. Most of them seem to be made with this in mind, so it’s usually not a problem. As for catnip, you have to experiment with that. Some cats get very mellow on it and some kind of get aggressive. So buying a small bag and testing it is a good idea. The crinkle sacks seem to fascinate them and the tunnels are a great way for two cats to play hide and seek.

    I just wanted to add some great products I’ve found that my cats love. Check out any of them below by clicking on picture!

    Cats need to play and cat trees and condos are one of the best ways for them to do that.  There is nothing better than giving your cat his own playground. We all know that cats are very territorial and having their own furniture fulfills that need for something that is just for them.

    The best thing about cat furniture is it not only provides fun and playtime (both for you and your cat…you’ll get hours of enjoyment watching them) but it keeps them healthy too. It is a great way to keep them trim and also limber. All that jumping, stretching and climbing keeps their bodies in tip top shape.

    Most cat furniture has scratching posts built in so it also helps cut down on the wear and tear on your own furniture. Scratching posts are generally covered in sisal now, as opposed to carpet, and they love it. They will want to scratch that instead of the couch.

    There is nothing better to a cat than being high up and looking down at the world. A tall cat tree provides many levels from which they can observe what’s going on. Most of the trees also have cubicles they can hide in or take a cozy nap.

    I suggest getting a large one with many levels, especially if you have more than one cat. Even if you have a kitten, remember, it will grow up and need more room. They come in all sizes, so if you have limited space, you can get smaller ones.

    Another advantage to cat furniture is that it can help cats that don’t get along too well become friends. I’ve seen this with my own cats. They get to playing on it and soon they are getting along a lot better.

    Cats are leery, so they may not immediately play on their tree the first few days you have it. Be patient…after they explore it and check it out cautiously, they will eventually be romping on it. You might also sprinkle a little catnip on it to entice them.

    I think it’s important for cats to have their own special place to go to when they want to nap or get away from everyone. Cat trees provide them with their own space. They will greatly appreciate this!